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Apollo Instruments Wins the 2003 Circle of Excellence Award

IRVINE, California, February 3, 2004 -- Apollo Instruments Incorporated announced today that its F40-xxx-1 Fiber-Coupled Laser Diode received the Laurin Publishing's Photonics Circle of Excellence Award of 2003. The award is given to the years 25 most innovative products in the photonics industry. Representatives of Apollo received the crystal award for innovative products at a ceremony held at the Fairmont Hotel, in San Jose, California, on January, 26, where 25 honorees accepted their award.

Each product is carefully assessed for excellence, innovation, and achievement by the advisory board at Photonics Spectra.

Apollo Instruments ultra bright fiber-coupled laser diode, F40-xxx-1, is the first diode laser source that can offer 40W power with ~ 4MW cm-2 sr-1 brightness. This brightness is magnitude higher than any fiber-coupled laser diode product ever made in history. This record-breaking high power and high brightness device is reliable, easy-to-use, compact and highly efficient. The F40-xxx-1 represents an enabling technological break through for the application of high power laser diodes. Fiber-coupled laser diodes with ultra-high brightness have been highly wanted for years. With the sponsor of the Air Force Research Laboratory and Ballistic Missile Defense Office (BMDO), such products are finally available in the market.

The realization of this device is based on a beam-shaping technology using a group of mirrors. The function of the optics is to divide and rearrange the beams from a laser-diode array. The unique aspect of the system is the elegant simplicity of the scheme in achieving high efficiency and stability. The device features single fiber coupling and excellent heat management. To make it user-friendly, no micro-channel cooling laser diode array is used, which greatly simplified the requirements on the cooling equipment and coolant. At the current time, devices with commonly used wavelengths, such as 808, 915, 940, and 976nm, are available. However, since the optics is wavelength independent, essentially devices of any wavelength can be constructed.

High-power, high-brightness fiber-coupled laser diodes are useful in diode-pumped solid-state lasers, material processing, medicine, and printing. Ultra-bright devices are particularly critical for high-efficiency fiber laser and solid-state laser development. The power level and brightness of F40-xxx-1 also opens the door for kilowatt pumping sources with high beam quality. Simply, F40-xxx-1 symbolizes a significant technological leap forward in the development of high quality diode laser sources, providing users with a cutting edge tool in their innovation and research.

Apollo Instruments would like to thank Photonics Spectra for this great honor.


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