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   News Release  

02/23/2013   New Application Lab: Test samples for Our Customers
Apollo Instruments has set up an Application Lab. This is the place where you can fully
assess the practicality and the usability of our devices for your specific needs. Simply send us a request for how you would like to test your sample and we will send you a feasibility report as well as any information that might be helpful for you to select a laser system. With this service you could see the possibilities firsthand before you purchase your devices that is right for your applications.

01/30/2013   New Product Line Release: Cost Effective Laser For Thin Metal Cutting/Welding Applications
Apollo Instruments has introduced the first thin metal cutting/welding system. The low cost cutting system is suitable for carbon steel and stainless steel work with high electrical efficiency. The system is targeted at the market of metal cutting under 3mm. The introduction of a low cost cutting/welding system will be highly significant for expanding the laser cutting/welding market.

10/20/2011   New Product Line Release: Laser diode bars & single emitters
Apollo Instruments has now incorporated laser diode bars and single emitters into their line of products. The new product line has been demonstrated to be of high quality and can be purchased with a fast delivery time. A wide variety of laser diodes are available for wavelengths 635-1550, ranging from 5W-250W (CW/QCW).

View the new product line here.
 10/13/2011   New Product Release: 250W output from 0.1mm fiber / 1kW output from 0.2mm fiber
Apollo Instruments released their new line of laser diode modules today. The new modules now provide even more high power and brightness: 250W power output from a fiber size of 0.1mm and 1kW power output from a fiber size of 0.2mm. It's no wonder that Apollo Instruments continues to be the global leader in today's laser diode market.

View the new products here.
01/21/2010   NASA Uses Apollo Instruments' Laser Diode Modules to Profile Atmospheric Water Vapor
A compact, lightweight, and efficient fiber laser lidar system has been developed to measure water vapor profiles in the lower atmosphere of Earth or Mars. The line narrowed laser consist of a Tm:germanate fiber pumped by two 792nm diode arrays. The fiber laser transmits ~0:5mJ Q- switched pulses at 5 Hz and can be tuned to water vapor lines near 1:94 µmwith linewidth of ~20pm. A lightweight lidar receiver telescope was constructed of carbon epoxy fiber with a 30cm Fresnel lens and an advanced HgCdTe APD detector. This system has made preliminary atmospheric measurements.    [read more]
 03/25/2009   Apollo Instruments Receives a Department of Defense SBIR/STTR grant.
Apollo Instruments Inc is a company that received a Department of Defense SBIR/STTR grant for a project entitled: High Power Pump Couplers for High Energy Fiber Lasers. The abstract given for this project is as follows: We propose to develop a novel pump energy coupler for high power fiber lasers. The overall goal of this program is to deliver a multi-kilowatt fiber laser system based on the high efficiency coupling technique.    [read more]
10/16/2008   Colorado School of Mines Uses Apollo's Fiber-Coupled Module and Focusing Optic to Perform Multifocal Nonlinear Microscopy
The department of Physics at Colorado School of Mines presented a novel Yb:KGd(WO4)2 oscillator design that generates six beams of temporally delayed, 253 fs, 11 nJ pulses. This allows multifocal nonlinear microscopy to be performed without the need for complicated optical multiplexers. The design was demonstrated with twelve simultaneously acquired two-photon, second-harmonic and/or thirdharmonic images generated from six laterally separated foci.    [read more]
12/17/2007   High-Speed Laser Applications Achieved
Apollo Instruments' high-brightness devices were found to be highly effective in high-speed laser marking and sheet metal cutting applications.
 10/18/2007   Stanford University Uses Apollo's Fiber-Coupled Module to Research Yb:YAG Master Oscillator Power Amplifier For Remote Wind Sensing
Using Apollo Instruments' 150W fiber-coupled diode laser module, Stanford University has demonstrated key advances towards a solid-state laser amplifier at 1.03µm for global remote wind sensing. The stored energy density is 15.6 J/cm3, a record for a laser diode end-pumped Yb:YAG zig-zag slab amplifier.
[read more]
 03/08/2004   TSC Uses Apollo Instruments Laser Diode Module to Provide Power and Data to Satellites
Technology Service Corporation (TSC) successfully completed the first demonstration of the company's Coded Optical Power System (COPS(TM)) at the Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center, Los Angeles, CA. This technology allows power to be delivered to remote systems via free space laser transmission with efficiencies approaching 50 percent while simultaneously transmitting data.
[read more]
 02/03/2004   Apollo Instruments Wins the 2003 Circle of Excellence Award
Apollo Instruments' F40-xxx-1 Fiber-Coupled Laser Diode receives the Laurin Publishing's Photonics Circle of Excellence Award of 2003.    [read more]
 2004   The University Health Network Uses Apollo's Fiber-Coupled Module to Study Cancer Treatment
Using a fiber-coupled laser diode developed by Apollo Instruments, Inc., the University Health Network is studying the hyperthermia treatment of cancer by raising the temperature on the location of the cancer cells.    [read more]
 06/06/2002   New Product Release: F30-xxx-1, 30W output from 0.1mm fiber
Apollo Instruments announced today the release of a new high power, high brightness device: F30-xxx-1, where "xxx" denotes the wavelength. The device can provide 30W CW power from a fiber having a 0.1mm core, NA 0.22.

Currently, this is the only fiber-coupled laser diode product available in the market that can provide such power density.
 05/20/2002   Brightness Over 2 MW/cm Achieved
Following the success of breaking 1 Mega Watt cm-2 sr-1, Apollo scientists made another record in the development of fiber-coupled laser devices. The new record of 2.4 Mega Watt cm-2 sr-1 was well demonstrated and the new development has been under optimization for commercialization.

"High brightness devices are highly demanded for some fiber laser R&D activities" said Peter Wang, Marketing Manager of Apollo Instruments, "We should have these new series of products available to the users soon."

Even with over 1 Mega Watt cm-2 sr-1, Apollo Instruments has demonstrated the possibility of direct marking on the surface of stainless steel or aluminum by focusing the high brightness output of the fiber.

Apollo is currently conducting research for high power, high brightness devices under a contract awarded by the Department of Defense.
 03/15/2001   New Contract Award from the Department of Defense
Apollo Instruments was awarded a new contract from the Department of Defense for developing high-power, high-brightness laser diode devices. The contract provides a great opportunity for furthering the award-winning coupling technology and the application development.

Apollo Instruments has developed a series of high power, high brightness laser diode devices. The products have found many users in various industrial and academic areas and have been praised as "amazing" due to the compact dimension and high power/brightness.
01/2001   Apollo's Fiber-Coupled Devices Wins 2001 Commercial Advanced Technology Award
Apollo Instruments' F14-xxx-1 series of high power, high brightness laser diodes were awarded as a finalist for the 2001 Commercial Advanced Technology Award. Apollo's high brightness devices have been considered to be a breakthrough in the applications of high power diode laser arrays.

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