Fiber-coupled &
collimated laser diode devices & systems


Custom Wavelength
High Power
High Brightness
Detachable Fiber
Superior beam quality
High quality optics for focusing, collimation

Get the perfect pump source for high power fiber lasers:

1kW collimated or fiber-coupled pump source
for kilowatt level fiber laser systems

Get laser cutting and laser welding :

High speed
Cost effective laser system
for thin metal cutting and welding application

Get laser applications :

Send test sample to our Application Lab


With Apollo Instruments' highly customized devices, applications can be limitless. From optimizing the spot size and laser power to specializing pulse requirements and package specifications, Apollo Instruments has innovative answers to your applications. Our Application Lab is a customer support program, which provide our customers feasibility tests, applications, and technology development. Please test our Applications Lab - send us your sample!
Cutting of Metals and Plastics
Material Processing
Precision Welding, Soldering and Blazing
  Brazing, Cutting of Metals and Plastics   Material Processing   Precision Welding, Soldering and Blazing  

Etching and Graving
40mm x 2mm Linear Beam with 98% Homogenity
Medical Therapeutics
  Etching and Graving   Linear Beam with 98% Homogenity   Medical Therapeautics  


Fiber-coupled laser diodes are used in all arenas of material processing, ranging from precision welding, marking, or plastic cutting and metal cutting to selective hardening or cladding of steel and cast iron.

Apollo Instrument's laser diode devices are also principal players in pumping solid-state and fiber lasers. With Apollo's superior pumping source, fiber lasers delivering more than 300W in a high quality beam (TEMoo) have been conveniently realized. Our products have also been used in medical therapeutics including cancer research, printing applications, and fiber amplifiers for telecommunications. Moreover, custom designs tailored for your application utilizing specialized output optics can achieve highly homogeneous beam spots.

Every day we strive to make the best lasers for our customers. With our experience, flexibility, and optical excellence, its no wonder our products remain at the top.


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