Fiber-coupled &
collimated laser diode devices & systems


Custom Wavelength
High Power
High Brightness
Detachable Fiber
Superior beam quality
High quality optics for focusing, collimation

Get the perfect pump source for high power fiber lasers:

1kW collimated or fiber-coupled pump source
for kilowatt level fiber laser systems

Get laser cutting and laser welding :

High speed
Cost effective laser system
for thin metal cutting and welding application

Get laser applications :

Send test sample to our Application Lab

Choose from our standard product line or request a highly customized device. Our
engineers are always happy to provide solutions that satisfy your application needs.
Photonics Award for High Power, High Brightness Fiber-coupled Laser Diode Module    
Global Leader in Laser Technology
Apollo Instruments, Inc. is a global leader in today's laser diode market. The advanced beam-shaping techniques developed at Apollo Instruments for laser diode arrays can substantially maintain the brightness while increasing power output by beam combination. The laser diode products based on this technology can be used for an array of applications including material processing and medical research. The diode sources are highly suitable for solid-state laser pumping. Kilowatt fiber laser systems have also been demonstrated with Apollo Instruments' laser pump modules.

Optical Design Possibilities
Our products press the limit of today's power and brightness levels together with superior performance, high availability, customer application considerations, and system flexibility. Ranging from collimated and fiber-coupled modules to user-friendly turnkey systems, the award winning technology allows great flexibility in system configuration. We help in optical and system designs so that the lasers are made to best fit your application needs. We also provide a number of standard and custom optics to use with our lasers.

   New Products  
Diode Laser Bars

Long lifetime
High power
Fast delivery time
CW mode / QCW mode
Demonstrated for high quality
Harsh environment application
Single Emitter Laser Diode Bars - C-mount and F-mount
Single Emitter
C-mount & F-mount
0-10 W , 635-1550 nm
Passive Conduction Cooled Single Laser Diode Bars and Stacks
Passive Cooled
Single bar & Vertical stack
0-250 W , 792-1550 nm
Active Cooled Single Laser Diode Bars, Vertical Stack, and Horizontal Stack
Active Cooled
Single bar
Vertical & horizontal stack
0-250 W , 808-980 nm
  Fiber-Coupled Laser Diode System
FC-series FCLD Systems

0.1-1mm fiber
CW or modulated
Back reflection resistant
1kW Fiber-Coupled Laser Diode 30W Fiber-Coupled Laser Diode 3kW Focused Collimated Spot Laser Diode
1kW Fiber-coupled
1.5KW, 976nm, NA 0.46
Fiber laser pump source
20/400 (double cladding fiber)
Ready for splicing
Tap water-cooled
30W Fiber-Coupled
Solid-state laser pump
Cost effective
High reliability / Long lifetime
3kW Focused Spot
Uniform beam spot
Cost effective
>10kW Fiber-coupled
Simple to scale
High flexibility
Tap water cooling
High Power, High Brightness Fiber-Coupled Laser Diode Modules
High Power & High Brightness
250W       0.1mm Fiber
1kW         0.2mm Fiber
   Cost Effective Laser For Thin Metal Cutting/Welding Applications


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