Fiber-coupled &
collimated laser diode devices & systems


Custom Wavelength
High Power
High Brightness
Detachable Fiber
Superior beam quality
High quality optics for focusing, collimation

Get the perfect pump source for high power fiber lasers:

1kW collimated or fiber-coupled pump source
for kilowatt level fiber laser systems

Get laser cutting and laser welding :

High speed
Cost effective laser system
for thin metal cutting and welding application

Get laser applications :

Send test sample to our Application Lab

Fiber Laser Systems
  Fiber Laser System
Apollo Instruments offers fiber laser systems as preliminary products. These systems can be used for OEM applications for industrial and manufacturing processes. Various beam diameters can be ordered to meet specific applications using CW or modulated CW mode. The new lasers offer the best beam quality combined with low cost. The lasers can be easily integrated into processing systems to deliver single mode beams to the application. One of the unique features of these systems is their high resistance to back reflection of the fiber laser beam, ensuring that the expensive pump diodes are well protected.
•   High power and near diffraction limited beam quality
•   CW or modulated CW mode
•   Easy integration
•   High resistance to laser back reflection
Typical Products and Specifications
  Product Name Max Output Power
  FL-15 15 W
  FL-50 50 W
  FL-100 100 W
  FL-200 200 W
  FL-500 500 W





Model Number Breakdown (FL-XXX)
       FL      :  Model Type: FL = Fiber Laser System
       XXX    :  Output Power (W): Up to 500W
 New Product
500WFiber Laser System
Model Name: FL-500

Excellent beam Quality
High flexibility
Tap water cooling
Please contact us for more information
  Brazing Material processing Printing
  Cladding and coating Medical therapeutics Projection display
  DPSSL pumping Metal cutting Silicon wafer treatment
  Fiber amplifiers Metal heating Soldering
  Fiber laser pumping Metal welding Telecommunications
  Hardening and heat treatment Plastic cutting Thermal surface treatment
  Illumination Plastic welding Wafer scribing
  Marking Powder fusion Welding

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