Fiber-coupled &
collimated laser diode devices & systems


Custom Wavelength
High Power
High Brightness
Detachable Fiber
Superior beam quality
High quality optics for focusing, collimation

Get the perfect pump source for high power fiber lasers:

1kW collimated or fiber-coupled pump source
for kilowatt level fiber laser systems

Get laser cutting and laser welding :

High speed
Cost effective laser system
for thin metal cutting and welding application

Get laser applications :

Send test sample to our Application Lab

Optical Solutions
Optical Lens Assemblies and MirrorsApollo Instruments is a world leader in optical design and optical engineering. Combining optical design, opto-mechanical design, and engineering services.

We provide optical systems ranging from prototype to production. With a thorough understanding of theory and extensive experience, we not only provide the highest quality designs, but also consider fiscal issues and product reproducibility in our designs.

Apollo Instruments has a large array of options that will specify our products to meet your exact needs. Our modules and turnkey systems have a variety of focal lenses and focusing heads that can be added at any time as we employ standardized fiber connectors.

Optical Lens Assemblies and Mirrors

     Apollo Instruments provides the following optical components:

        · Collimated Lens
        · Focusing Lens
        · Lens Design
        · High Power Fiber Assembly
        · Electro-Optical System Design
        · General Optical Consulting, Layouts, and Debugging
        · Laser Optical Head/Focusing Optics


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