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High quality optics for focusing, collimation

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Turnkey Systems
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  Laser Diode Turnkey System
Apollo Instrument's turnkey systems offer high-quality beams integrated with the ease and reliability of our laser diode driver. Easy to use and yet providing exceptional safety for the laser diode device and operator, these compact, rack-mountable systems are capable of the same high power and high brightness standards as our fiber-coupled and collimated modules. The systems can be controlled locally from the device's front panel or remotely through the standard RS-232 interface and remote control function. Pulsed applications can be triggered externally or with the system's internal function generator (both capable of achieving minimum pulse widths of 100µs). Optional customizations range from specialized pulse specifications to multi-fiber outputs. All devices have a single wavelength ranging from 780-1550nm. The S500-xxx-6 fiber-coupled turnkey system delivers 500W from a fiber core diameter of 600
microns and NA 0.22. Similar high-power systems such as the S400-XXX-4 and S150-XXX-2 continue to set the limits of high power and high brightness for many diverse applications.
     New Product
FC-series FCLD System

0.1-1.0mm Fiber
CW or modulated
Back ref
•   High power and high brightness
•   Turnkey and stand-alone operation
•   CW or Pulse operation modes
•   RS-232 interface
•   Output via a multimode optical fiber
•   Single wavelength output 780-1530nm
•   Microprocessor controlled
•   External TTL laser enable
•   Compact, air or water-cooled
•   Fiber core diameter 0.05-1.0mm
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Typical Products and Specifications
  Typical Products
  Product Name Output Power Fiber Core Diameter
  S10-XXX-0.5 10 W 50 µm
  S20-XXX-1 20 W 100 µm
  S25-XXX-2 25 W 200 µm
  S150-XXX-2 150 W 150 µm
  S30-XXX-4 30 W 400 µm
  S60-XXX-4 60 W 400 µm
  S400-XXX-4 400 W 400 µm
  S30-XXX-6 30 W 600 µm
  S100-XXX-6 100 W 600 µm
  S150-XXX-6 150 W 600 µm
  S250-XXX-6 250 W 600 µm
  S500-XXX-6 500 W 600 µm
  S1000-XXX-10 1000 W 1 mm
  S5000-XXX-10 5000 W 1 mm
  Typical Specification
Input Power
110/220 VAC 50-60 Hz
Power Stability
1% rms
Transfer Function
10A/V; Max Slew Rate 3A/µs
External Analog Input
0-5 V
Output Port
SMA 905, armored fiber
Pulse Width
Standard: 30ms-CW
Optional: 100µs-CW
Pulse Frequency
Up to 1 kHz
Ambient Temperature
<35W Internal Fans
>35W Water
5-95%, non-condensing
>10,000 hrs
We also offer other models not listed above. For more information, please contact us with a model number of your choice.
  Model Number Breakdown (SY-XXX-Z)  
S:Model Type: S = Turnkey System
Y:Output Power (W): Up to 10kW
XXX:Wavelength (nm)
*Standard: 808, 915, 940, or 980 nm
*Non-standard available. Please inquire.
Z:Fiber Core Diameter (in hundreds of microns): 0.05-1.0mm
In addition to our standard designs, Apollo Instruments offers many existing design modifications that allow for a high degree of product customization. Apollo Instruments also supplies a variety of optical options, such as low aberration focusing and/or collimation assemblies, mirrors, filters, spatial filters, and other accessories. Please inquire for further information if these options or other features can better help us meet your needs.
  Short Pulse Width This is an internal short pulse option. Standard pulse width is limited to 30ms. This option allows for a pulse width as narrow as 100µs. An input signal is not necessary to utilize this function. It is fully internal and can be set by using the functions on the LCD screen.  
Analog Modulation Input
An external analog input can be used to control the output of the laser system. The magnitude of the analog signal controls the current, and the frequency of the analog signal controls the pulse frequency. The laser system is capable of following an input signal with a minimum pulse of 100µs and a maximum pulse frequency of 1kHz. The external analog signal input is the modulation input BNC connector on the back panel.  
Digital Modulation Input

An external digital input can be used to control the output of the laser system. The laser system's output is capable of following an input signal with a minimum pulse width of 100µs and a maximum pulse frequency of 1kHz. The external digital signal is delivered to the digital modulation input BNC connector on the back panel.
Pilot Beam

A low power visible diode laser can be integrated into the laser modules for tracking the laser output. Power to the pilot beam is integrated in Apollo's laser diode driver. If a different laser is used, a 2.5V-3.5V DC power source should be supplied.
Photodiode Sensor

A photodiode sensor placed in the systems provides the user with a precise gauge of the laser status.
TEC Cooling

Some products can be equipped with a thermal electric cooler (TEC) unit, which allows for precision cooling.
Foot Pedal Switch

The foot pedal switch adds another convenient way to control the operation of the laser diode system. The foot pedal ensures that there is no laser output until it is pressed.
Multiple Channel Laser
Diode System

If a multiple output system is ordered, the laser diode system can be designed to accept commands from an external device to open/close multiple laser output channels individually.

Other arrangements can be made to facilitate a multiple fiber output laser diode system.
  Brazing Material processing Printing
  Cladding and coating Medical therapeutics Projection display
  DPSSL pumping Metal cutting Silicon wafer treatment
  Fiber amplifiers Metal heating Soldering
  Fiber laser pumping Metal welding Telecommunications
  Hardening and heat treatment Plastic cutting Thermal surface treatment
  Illumination Plastic welding Wafer scribing
  Marking Powder fusion Welding

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